A key up-skilling strategy that has been introduced to FET Colleges include:

  • Teaching training in methodologies and assessment skills;
  • Practical training interventions to up-skill educators in their chosen specialisation in order for them to impart / transfer practical skills to the learners;
  • Up-skilling theoretical training interventions for educators in their specialist areas;
  • Exposure to the latest / cutting edge technology.

large number of these Educators are in the field of engineering and related disciplines. The aim of this project is to support FET Colleges in these challenges.

Objective: To develop support for FET Colleges (FETC) in order to increase capacity in Mechanical Engineering, Industrial Engineering and Mechatronics and to strengthen the collaborative links between Nelson Mandela University and these FETC. Phase one will include the following colleges:

  • Port Elizabeth FET College
  • Eastern Cape Midlands FET College
  • Sothern Cape FET College
  • Rural Colleges in EC


Ikhala College (Queenstown) receiving equipment manufcatured by AMTC

Contact information
Ms Meera Naidoo
Project Manager merSETA Chair in ED
Tel: 27 41 504 3464