AIDC-EC Industry Chair: Automotive Engineering



The AIDC-EC Chair of Automotive Engineering, Nelson Mandela University, aims at leading research and innovation in automotive, manufacturing and multi-disciplinary projects, across the Automotive industries particularly in the areas of Advanced Automotive and Manufacturing Production processes. The chair will manage research projects and engage industry on new product development processes and aspects of commercialization and knowledge generation. The key will be institutionalizing of engineering, manufacturing and e-mobility learning at all levels of higher learning in the Eastern Cape. This work will also facilitate continuous engagement with external academic and Industrial stakeholders including international student/staff exchange programs and knowledge transfer in Automotive Engineering.



To be the first choice Automotive Centre of Excellence for Teaching, Learning and Research in South Africa.



Our mission is to meet the technological needs of industry and expand the frontier of knowledge in Automotive Engineering by providing teaching, research and technical support to international standards by way of quality education and training for learners, using the services of professional teaching staff supported by state-of-the-art technology.



· To Establish and advance an effective connection between Higher Education and the Automotive Manufacturing Industry in the Eastern Cape. Grow and support manufacturing networks and ecosystems and increase collaboration.

· To Influence and develop new academic programmes and curricula to meet the need of industry.

· To Education and training of students and professionals in automotive engineering, focussing on manufacturing and component development.

· To Intensify international co-operations between Nelson Mandela University, AIDC, German Universities and global automotive industry.

· To Support Eastern Cape car manufacturers and component suppliers in engineering and research services and projects.

· To Establishment new research and development initiatives in the field of new technologies, energy systems, materials and manufacturing technology.

To develop technologically competent persons who are able to:

· Expand the boundaries of technology by means of technology analysis and innovation.

· Operate independently or limited supervision in a technology environment.

· Contribute to society both within the community and the economy.

· Engage in research and development.



· Provide resources which assist learners to acquire the intellectual and functional skills needed for technological tasks.

· Provide a mechanism for HR development through further education and recognition of learning.

· Develop entrepreneurial skills so that the learner can engage in meaningful and rewarding business activities.


The team members to execute the project are as follows:

Mr Martin Sanne- Project Manager

Mr Karl Du Preez- Project Manager

Ms Roshin Petersen- Administrative Assistant


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