Siemens Training Centre

The Siemens Training Centre is fully accredited by the Siemens Automation and Controls training division (SITRAIN) and offers courses to both engineering students, staff (CPD points), and industry customers. A range of automation courses is offered as stipulated by an annually renewable contract.

The SIEMENS CERTIFIED training offered, provides individuals with the confidence to effectively apply systems and optimize product usage. Knowledgeable employees with the correct training, result in shorter start-up times, reduced downtimes, and faster troubleshooting. Training for electricians/technicians etc includes service and maintenance aspects of technology, advanced programming, industrial networking, and supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) for technicians and engineers.

Courses offered:

  1. Introduction to Programmable Controllers
  2. S7 Service & Maintenance Course Part 1
  3. S7 Service & Maintenance Course Part 2
  4. S7 Programming Course Part 1
  5. S7 Programming Course Part 2
  6. TIA Portal Service & Maintenance Course Part 1
  7. TIA Portal Service & Maintenance Course Part 2
  8. TIA Portal Programming - Part 1
  9. TIA Portal Programming – Part 2
  10. Analog Value Processing & Closed Loop Control
  11. TIA Structured Control Language Course
  12. Introduction to SIMATIC NET
  13. Industrial Communications PROFINET with Industrial Ethernet in TIA Porta
  14. TIA Portal Distributed Safety Course
  15. Distributed Safety Course
  16. WinCC Flexible
  17. TIA Portal WinCC HMI (Operator Panels)
  18. TIA Portal WINCC Scada Functionality
  19. Fundamentals of AC Drives


Contact information
Professor Theo van Niekerk
Tel: 27 41 504 3103

Ms Saadiqah Pandie
Administrative Assistant
Tel: 041- 504 3237