S7 Maintenance Course Part 2 (ST-7SERV2)

SIMATIC S7 Service and Maintenance 2 (old S20 & Analogues)

Duration: 5 Days

Pre-Requisites: Successful completion of the SERV1 Course

Aims and Objectives: This course provides the fault finding techniques required for maintenance and in-depth exercises with standard libraries. For those wanting to handle OB’s and Data handling. Documentation, networking & analogues as well as sequence control.

Course Content (Excerpt)

  • Hardware commissioning
  • Memory reset. Variable tables.
  • Modifying outputs in STOP state
  • Data storage in Data Blocks
  • Complex Data types
  • Functions & Functioning Blocks
  • Multiple instance Model
  • Trouble shooting
  • B, I, L stack handling, Cross reference
  • Breaking points in a program
  • Organisation blocks
  • Analog processing
  • Documentation & printing & Archiving a project
  • Communication via MPI with GD table and NETPRO
  • Totally Integrated Automation
Contact information
Mrs René Pittaway
SLP & Funded Projects Co-ordinator
Tel: 041-504 3092

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