S7 Maintenance Course Part 1 (ST-7SERV1)

SIMATIC S7 Service and Maintenance 1 (old S10 & S15)

Duration: 5 Days

Pre-Requisites: Involvement in PLC Maintenance

Aims and Objectives: This course is directed at users and maintenance personnel of SIMATIC S7 Programmable controllers

  • The SIMATIC S7 System Family
  • PLC installation & wiring techniques & Hardware Handling
  • From process to project – the Simatic Manager
  • Hardware configuration, addressing of Signal Modules & CPU properties
  • Symbolic notation & symbols table handling
  • LAD/FBD/STL editor
  • Commissioning & Monitoring/Modifying Variables
  • Linear/Structured Programming techniques
  • Debugging a program
  • Binary operations, Digital operations
  • Rewiring of programs
  • Documentation functions, Saving, Archiving,
  • Copying programs to memory cards


Contact information
Mrs René Pittaway
SLP & Funded Projects Co-ordinator
Tel: 041-504 3092

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