S7 Programming Part 2 (ST-7PRO2)

SIMATIC S7 Service Advanced Programming

Duration: 5 Days

Pre-Requisites: Successful completion of the ST7PRO1 Course

Aims & Objectives: Advanced programming techniques. This course is directed at users with engineering experience in the fields of configuring, design and commissioning of SIMATIC S7 programmable controllers. The knowledge and skills acquired in the ST-7PRO1 course will be consolidated and extended to enable the participant to structure and generate and put into operation complex programmes. The knowledge provided by this course makes it easier to solve complex programmming problems.

Course Content (Excerpt)

  • Status Bit-Dependent Instructions
  • Accumulator Functions & Word logic
  • Instruction with REAL numbers
  • Indirect addressing & Address Register Instructions
  • Pointer structure with Memory indirect addressing
  • STEP7 Data types & Variables, ARRAY’s & STRUCTURES
  • Using Libraries & System Functions
  • Handling Synchronous & Asynchronous Errors
  • Basic & expanded S7 Communication
  • S7-GRAPH, S7-HIGRAPH software packages
  • Engineering tools for S7/M7
  • Connection to PTP, PROFIBUS, Industrial Ethernet, Internet
  • SIMATIC S7-400 & 400H
  • State Graphs, SCL structures
  • CFC & SFC editor
Contact information
Mrs René Pittaway
SLP & Funded Projects Co-ordinator
Tel: 041-504 3092

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