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Advanced Mechatronic Technology Centre

This project consists of two sections:

1.       Educational support to High Schools.
2.       Blended Learning.


Educational support to High School

The first four phases of the high school intervention concentrated mainly on the improvement of technical knowledge of technical high school educators as well as the upgrade of laboratories. These interventions have lead to many successful interactions with Technical High School in the Port Elizabeth area. The following educational interventions are proposed for phase 5:

a.   Educator preparation for the implementation of CAD in the subject Graphic Design
b.   Welding Laboratory at additional Technical High School
c.   Continue with Engineering Awareness Workshops in rural areas of Eastern Cape
d.   Assist rural high school (Cradock) with the establishment of electrical engineering as a subject
e.   Implementation of a Technical Science Skills Kit at technical high schools

Educators receiving CAD Training


Blending Learning Development (Moodle)

During 2015, the merSETA Chair in ED established a Moodle platform that assists in the electronic delivery of the technical subject Welding & Metalwork.  Various discussions, meetings as well as a training workshop for educators has shown a remarkable interest and willingness to implement the programs at schools. 

To date, the merSETA Chair in ED has unpacked the welding subject on a NMMU server and is currently testing the subject welding (Grade 10) via a pilot programme at technical high schools.  Various aspects of the platform are being tested, for example: connectivity to server, registration of learners, data capture, educator registration, large student number assessment, etc.  The potential of Moodle as an educational tool is vast and Mr Clive Hands, project leader of the project, has completed a survey of the manufacturing sector in the Eastern Cape in order to identify the need for utilising the platform for additional training for local industry.  Mr Hands also identified a huge potential in the utilisation of the platform in offering assistance to learnership training.