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Advanced Mechatronic Technology Centre

Wind Energy Course


Module 1: Introduction

·         Short historical review

·         Global energy

·         Wind energy today (globally)

·         Wind energy in South Africa

·         Potential in South Africa

Module 2&3: Technology

·         Definitions: Power and Energy, Capacity Factor, Energy Penetration, etc.

·         Wind turbine technology

·         Turbine types

·         Basic principles of energy conversion

·         Aerodynamics

·         Control concepts

·         Blades and rotors

·       Drive trains and generators

·       Power curves

·         Certification and turbine class

·         Trends & major players

Module 4: Wind Resources

·         Meteorology

·         Wind resource assessment (Methods, Concepts, Analysis)

·         Turbine selection

Module 5: Project Development

·         Project Development Process
(Process for home system, Summary of process for wind farm)

·         Wind Farm Design Process 

·         Wind Resource Assessment: Energy Capture 

·         Introduction to Section 6: Grid Integration and Managing Variability (Wind Variability, Power Quality, Isolated Systems)

Module 6: Grid Connection

·         Wind variability 

·         Isolated systems 

·         Turbine power-trains and Power quality 

·         Large scale grid integration (Some network management definitions, Reserve capacity, Phases of penetration, Residual load, Capacity credit and margins, Value of wind in the grid, Cost of variability)

·         High penetration 

·         South African network 

Module 7: Socio Economic

·         Financial close in the project development process 

·         Development and Technical Cost drivers (Turbine costs, Installation costs, Operation & maintenance costs)

·         Cost of Energy 

·         Markets 

·         Externalities, Energy Payback and Carbon 

·         Socio-Economic Development 

Module 8: Socio Environmental

·         EIAs

·         Legislation approvals

·         Development approvals