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Advanced Mechatronic Technology Centre

The STEM PP has been operational since March 2010. The target group is Grade 10, 11 and 12 Physical Science learners from schools with a track record of excellence in Physical Science and Mathematics in the NCS final examinations. Physical Science learners from these schools were selected on the basis of their academic achievement in Physical Science and also had to indicate an interest in a career in science and/or engineering. 


The Vision of the STEM-PP is to become a recognized non-profit leader in the provision of services and innovative solutions for the teaching and learning of Science and Technology.


The Mission of the STEM-PP is to operate as a workforce continuum from school into higher education by preparing learners and especially selected learners for careers in Science, Technology, Engineering and related Management/Mathematics (STEM) fields.

Overall objectives of STEM in Action

One of the goals of the Eastern Cape Provincial Government’s Provincial and Development Plan (PGDP), is to promote access to high-quality employment and economic opportunities.  The key in achieving this goal is Tertiary Education and hence the ability of learners to access tertiary and vocational institutions.  The STEM PP can play an important role promoting and developing engineering and Physical Science skills for learners in the Eastern Cape.

The overall objectives of STEM PP are:

  • To promote and develop mathematics and Physical Science skills of grade 10-12 learners in the Eastern Cape
  • To expose learners to and promote careers in the field of engineering
  • To expose learners to career pathways in vocational and tertiary educational institutions.

Ms Van Gend assisting a group of Dinaledi Schools Educator during an experiment using domestic equipment to do a heating curve of water.


Dinaledi teachers busy executing an ICT experiment. 

Mr Van der Mescht, Ettienne Gerwel and learners battles to fill the balloon with hydrogen gas behind a farm stall on the outskirts of Aberdeen. The learners had to stabilise the balloon before the container with the camera and weather sensors could be attached. A gale force wind was blowing and as a result it was quite a task to get the balloon in the air from behind the farm stall that provided some shelter from the wind.

Contact information
Isabel van Gend
STEM Pipeline Progam Manager
Tel: 27 41 504 1185

Mrs Tarin Roberts
Operations Manager
Tel: 0415041268