The SIEMENS CERTIFIED training offered, provides individuals with the confidence to effectively apply systems and optimize product usage. Knowledgeable employees with the correct training, result in shorter start-up times, reduced downtimes and faster trouble shooting.

Training for Electricians/Technicians etc include service and maintenance aspects of technology, advanced programming, industrial networking and supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) for technicians and engineers.


Introduction to Programmable Controllers

S7 Service & Maintenance Course Part 1

S7 Service & Maintenance Course Part 2

TIA Portal Service & Maintenance Course Part 1

TIA Portal Service & Maintenance Course Part 2

S7 Programming Course  Part 1

S7 Programming Course Part 2

TIA Portal Programming - Part 1

TIA Portal Programming - Part 2

S7 Distributed Safety Course

Safety for TIA Portal

Introduction to SIMATIC NET

WinCC Flexible Course (HMI Panels)

TIA Portal WinCC HMI Course

Fundamentals of AC Drives (G120)

Analogue Value Processing & Closed Loop Control

TIA Structured Contol Language Course



In 2006, with the support of SIEMENS South Africa and the Automotive Industry Development Centre (AIDC), one of the most successful university / industry partnerships to date was initiated.

The Advanced Mechatronic Technology Centre (AMTC), was established and started facilitating training for engineering students and industry in Advanced Factory Automation and Drives Technologies.


Thus far, the AMTC has trained over 2500 individuals from industry over the past 15 years.

The training facility at the university is also upgraded to world class standards, whenever the need arises.

The training centre has played a major role in developing the skills of engineers and technicians in the Eastern Cape and other parts of the country, and will continue to work closely with Siemens to ensure individuals receive expert training on the latest SIEMENS equipment.

In partnership with SIEMENS SA, we offer a wide range of SIEMENS Accredited Automation training courses.

University accredited training can also be arranged on special request.