Automation and Robotics

Automatic Control of Integrated Conveyor Storage and Retrieval System

  • This project involves designing a system to automate the control and retrieval of items on a conveyor belt, enhancing efficiency and accuracy in material handling.

2-Axis Robot for Material Cutting, Marking, and Measuring

  • Students are developing a versatile 2-axis robot capable of performing precise cutting, marking, and measuring tasks, which is essential for various manufacturing processes.

Thermal System with Temperature-Based Monitoring and Control

  • The design and construction of a thermal system that uses temperature-based monitoring and control to ensure optimal performance in different industrial applications.

Collaboration Robotic Cell for Vision-Based Sorting and Assembly

  • This project focuses on creating a robotic cell that collaborates with a conveyor system to sort and assemble components based on visual input, improving automation in assembly lines.

3-DOF SCARA Robot and Fanuc M-1iA Robot Collaboration

  • The development of a 3-degree-of-freedom SCARA robot working alongside a Fanuc M-1iA robot for efficient vision-based sorting and assembly operations.

Reprogrammable 3-DOF Automatic Tool Changing Device

  • Students are working on a reprogrammable device that can automatically change tools with a vision system and web-based control, providing flexibility in manufacturing processes.

Vision-Based Material Handling and Assembly Robots

  • Multiple projects are focused on developing robotic cells that use vision systems for material handling and assembly of randomly placed parts, aiming to streamline industrial processes.



Renewable Energy and Sustainability

Renewable Use of Green Hydrogen

  • This project explores the use of green hydrogen as a renewable fuel source for both the automotive industry and small-scale electrical generation, contributing to sustainable energy solutions.

Hydroponic and Soil Systems for Edible Plant Species

  • Design and implementation of automated, IoT-monitored systems for growing edible plants using hydroponics and soil, aiming to optimize agricultural practices.

Harmonics Mitigation for Large Scale PV Systems

  • An investigation into techniques for mitigating harmonics in photovoltaic systems to enhance the efficiency and reliability of solar energy generation.


Transportation and Mobility

Electric Go-Kart Development

  • Several projects are dedicated to designing, analyzing, and manufacturing various components of electric go-karts, including the drivetrain, braking system, and front and rear suspensions.

Formula E Concept Design

  • Development of test rigs for the front and rear suspensions of Formula E race cars, contributing to advancements in electric vehicle racing technology.

Autonomous Electric Go-Cart

  • Utilizing PID-based speed control, students are working on creating an autonomous electric go-cart that promises enhanced control and performance.

Hydrogen and Hybrid Go-Karts

  • Innovative designs for hydrogen-powered and electric-hybrid go-karts, showcasing alternative fuel technologies in automotive engineering.


Intelligent Systems and Control

3D Stereoscopic Vision System

  • Development of a vision system using genetic algorithms to enhance depth perception and object recognition in various applications.

Vision-Based Remote Laboratory Setup

  • Implementing state machine programming in a remote laboratory setup that utilizes vision systems for educational and research purposes.

AI-Powered Electricity Usage Monitoring

  • Creating a system that uses AI to monitor and identify electrical appliance usage, aimed at improving energy efficiency in households and industries.

Brainwave-Controlled Exoskeleton

  • An ambitious project where students are developing an exoskeleton controlled by brainwaves, designed to assist individuals with mobility impairments.


Miscellaneous Innovations

Pneumatic or Servo-Controlled Jack for eVehicles

  • Designing a jack system for electric vehicles that utilizes pneumatic or servo control, ensuring safer and more efficient vehicle maintenance.

Fire Detection Drone

  • A drone equipped with sensors to detect fires, providing a rapid response solution for fire monitoring and control.

Self-Balancing Two-Wheeled Robot for Warehousing

  • A robot designed to balance itself on two wheels, aimed at improving logistics and automation in warehouse operations.