Advanced Automation and Control

Remote Internet-Access Laboratory for Industrial Process Control

  • Developing a laboratory setup that can be accessed remotely for educational purposes, focusing on industrial process control.

Active Stabilization Landing Platform for UAVs in Marine Environments

  • Designing a stabilization platform to enable precise landing of UAVs in challenging marine environments, enhancing their operational capability.

Adaptive Energy Optimization for Industry 4.0

  • Creating systems to optimize energy usage in Industry 4.0 production environments, aiming to enhance efficiency and reduce costs.


Renewable Energy and Sustainability

Rural Electrification of Informal Settlements

  • Addressing the challenge of providing reliable electricity to informal settlements in Gqeberha using sustainable and cost-effective solutions.

Industrial Metaverse and Digital Twins

  • Investigating the impact of the industrial metaverse and digital twins on various industries, focusing on their potential to transform manufacturing processes.


Transportation and Mobility

Aerodynamic Profiling of GT3 Racing Vehicles

  • Utilizing both simulation and physical testing techniques to improve the aerodynamic performance of GT3 racing vehicles.

Specialized AM Cooling System for EV Batteries

  • Designing advanced cooling systems for electric vehicle batteries using additive manufacturing techniques to enhance performance and safety.


Intelligent Systems and Control

Soft Robotic Gripper Design and Testing

  • Developing an intelligent soft robotic gripper capable of handling delicate objects with precision, aiming to advance automation in various industries.

Biologically Derived Framework for Visual Inspections

  • Creating frameworks inspired by biological systems to minimize uncertainty in visual inspections, improving accuracy and reliability.

Hybrid Controller for BLDC Motors in Electric Motorcycles

  • Designing and constructing a hybrid controller to enhance the performance and efficiency of BLDC motors in electric motorcycles.


Miscellaneous Innovations

FPGA-Based Systems for Automotive Safety

  • Enhancing automotive safety and performance through the use of FPGA-based systems, providing faster and more reliable control solutions.

Sustainability in Supply Chain Management

  • Developing strategies to incorporate sustainability into supply chain management, focusing on reducing environmental impact and improving efficiency.