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Advanced Mechatronic Technology Centre

The purpose of the annual Cyber Junkyard competition is to foster ongoing developmental relationships between industry and education in Southern Africa.  

Research has shown that currently there is chronic shortage of Engineers in South Africa. Mathematics and Science education is a vital driver to ensure future viability and social development in South Africa. It requires an understanding of Science and Technology that comes from learning through discovery.

The Siemens Cyber Junkyard Competition is a legacy initiative aimed at Universities as well as Technical High Schools and FET Colleges across the country. Through a pre-defined project and donation of Siemens automation equipment, the Cyber Junkyard Competition is assisting to develop the skills of University students and well as encouraging high school learners to pursue further studies in science, engineering and maths at University level. 


NMMU involvement

2007: Manufacture of key-ring assembly machine

Result: tied 1st.


2010: Design and manufacture of an arcade soccer machine

Result: Prize for the most innovative design


2012: Design and manufacture of compressed air vehicle

Result: 3rd prize