ISFAP at Nelson Mandela University comprises three spheres. The first sphere is Tutoring and Academic Development which looks at providing tutoring on a daily basis and earlier detection system that seeks to assist the student before it’s too late.

The second sphere is Mentoring and Career Development that provides much-needed mentoring and guidance in the engineering field.

The final and third sphere is Social Cohesion and Personal Development which looks at assisting the student to develop and grow in order top become better individuals in the community.

ISFAP aims to address the following challenges that face South African students:

- Reducing the high dropout rate of poor and working-class students in the higher education and training sector.

- Improving the employability of funded graduates

- Improving the country’s skill profile, especially in occupations of high demand

- Improving the partnership between government, the private sector\business and higher education institutions in supporting poor and missing middle students.

Contact information
Ms Bavuyile Mbatha
Project Manager
Tel: 041-504 3959