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Advanced Mechatronic Technology Centre


Background on EWB

EWB is a worldwide initiation that acts through individual and independent groups, suh as the EWB- NMMU group. 

There are three existing groups located in South Africa. The groups are: 

Witwatersrand University:

University of Cape Town:

South Africa:

Our Mission and Values

As students of NMMU, we intend to engage directly with our local communities in the Eastern Cape, to assist with infrastructure development and to tackle issues of poverty and climate change.
Through participating in these engineering solutions, we seek to further develop our community, the skills of our own students and industry relations.
Students who participate in our projects will further develop their social consciousness and practice community service. 

Our Organisation

EWB-NMMU is a Completely student run Initiative, however assistance and guidance is sourced from our many academics and industry experts. 
This ensures the success of our projects for the community beneficiaries and also strengthens student practical engineering knowledge. 

For more information see our facebook page on our projects



some further EWB project.

United Kingdom:

International Group:

Contact information
Mr Karl du Preez
Principal Lecturer
Tel: 27 41 504 3644