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The AECDP is an Engineering Winter School for previously disadvantaged learners from identified High Schools in the Nelson Mandela Bay Metro.  The main objectives are to create awareness and provide career guidance to learners with respect to the engineering fields and qualifications.  It is an educational and mentoring programme focussing on Grade 12 learners.

The programme exposes the learners to the University environment (accommodation in the hostels for 5 days), academic programmes and local industries through site visits. 

This programme is aimed at learners who show some interest in engineering or the related fields.  They specifically are invited to apply to attend this Winter School in the June/July holidays.


The purpose of the winter school is to expose these learners to various engineering disciplines with a specific focus on the Automotive Industry. A strong objective of the programme is to increase the number of black engineers available to the region's automotive industry and strenghen its available skills pool.

The aim is to develop, nurture and increase the pool of black engineers available specific to the automotive sector.Today, the skills required of employees in the automotive industry have become progressively more sophisticated. It is also a growing business and socially imperative to ensure that previously disadvantaged individuals not only join the mainstream economy but contribute to it and their prospective employers.

Selection process:

Grade 12 learners from pre-selected schools are invited to apply for the Winter School early in the year.  Various testing phases are implemented, and based on the results the top 30 learners attend the  one week Winter School in the June/July Holiday at the NMMU North Campus.




  • Automotive Industry Development Centre (AIDC)
  • Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University (NMMU)

Should your company wish to become part of this programme, please contact us at tel: (041) 504 9912


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