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The Human Resource Development Programme was initiated in 2004 through negotiations with the AIDC Eastern Cape. One of the major objectives were to directly address critical skills shortages within the automotive and manufacturing sectors and alleviate poverty by way of increasing the employability of the previously disadvantaged communities in the Nelson Mandela Bay Metropole.

The ECDC provided funding for the AIDC’s TEI Program, an initiative which was to span a number of years within the region and which has proved to be enormously successful and yielded significant results. The Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University was privileged to be identified by the AIDC to participate in the TEI Program, commencing in 2004 and the NMMU undertook the building of capacity on the following three sustainable pillars of activity:

Training and Education

Through workplace orientated training in Mechatronic fundamentals for undergraduate and postgraduate students and to develop industry related technologies for senior undergraduate and postgraduate researchers. To enhance technology transfer by means of formal education, technology transfer to local industry through formal certificates and courses and to collaborate with local industry for the benefit of students and the Faculty of Engineering. Further, to provide practical solutions to industry problems.

Research and Development

New products and techniques by means of the Materials Training and Research Centre and the Automotive Components Technology Station (ACTS). The research includes the development of new theories and methods in Computer Integrated Manufacturing encompassing the fields of Mechatronics and Robotics.


To collaborate with local and international universities / institutions to provide students and local industries with “state of the art” solutions in Mechatronics/ Robotics and other related technologies.


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